Rob Kelder of innerChi, practice for psychotherapy, hypnotherapy and coaching

innerChi offers psychological care in the form of analytical therapy, psychotherapy, hypnotherapy and coaching. I treat several individuals, couples and families in English, Auf Deutsch and Nederlands

Therapy and coaching are both ways to work on yourself. Taking the first step is sometimes difficult. Experience shows that after you have taken the first step, it is actually quite normal. Some people want to deal with an acute psychological problem, others see coaching and therapy as a form of self-maintenance. In both cases you take the initiative yourself to ensure that the quality of your life and your own possibilities improve.  Because of our experiences and experiences we all sometimes get removed from this power. Through coaching and therapy, this contact with your inner strength can be re-established.  

Rob Kelder is a Psychotherapist, Coach, JI Depth Psychologist and Hypnotherapist. In addition, Rob has extensive experience in both psychological care and the business world.


Treatment of psychological complaints

Hulp Bij

Psychotherapy can help you overcome complaints like:


  1. Stress and stress related complaints
  2. Tension problems
  3. Burnout
  4. Headache and migraine
  5. Phobias
  6. Trauma’s
  7. Panic attacks, anxiety attacks
  8. Fundamental and meaningfull issues for you
  9. Workrelated problems
  10. Phase of life problems
  11. Sleep problems
  12. Concentration problems
  13. Chronic back, neck and muscle complaints
  14. Chronic deseases of other limitations
  15. Compulsive behavior or excessive control
  16. Depression, sadness and guilt
  17. Mourning and loss
  18. Relationship problems

Stressrelease is very benefitial to treating several deseases. I use it complementary by illnesses like; chronical deseases, cancer, PDS (spastic intestine), rheumatism, hypertension, skindeseases and asthma.


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