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innerChi offers psychological care in the form of analytical therapy, psychotherapy, hypnotherapy and coaching. I treat several individuals, couples and families in English, Auf Deutsch and Nederlands

Therapy and coaching are both ways to work on yourself. Taking the first step is sometimes difficult. Experience shows that after you have taken the first step, it is actually quite normal. Some people want to deal with an acute psychological problem, others see coaching and therapy as a form of self-maintenance. In both cases you take the initiative yourself to ensure that the quality of your life and your own possibilities improve.  Because of our experiences and experiences we all sometimes get removed from this power. Through coaching and therapy, this contact with your inner strength can be re-established.  

Rob Kelder is a Psychotherapist, Coach, JI Depth Psychologist and Hypnotherapist. In addition, Rob has extensive experience in both psychological care and the business world.


 Rob Kelder - innerChi

Rob Kelder 

Educations Rob Kelder

Since 2006 I practice analytical therapy, psychotherapy and hypnotherapy as an independent therapist. In addition, I have been providing coaching for individuals and companies for much longer. I completed my five-year education as an Analitical Therapist at the Jungian Institute SUW in Nijmegen. I also graduated in Public Administration from the University of Twente. In 2012 I completed my Master's degree in Complementary, Psychosocial and Integrative Health Sciences at the Interuniversity College for Health and Development in Graz and I can call myself JI Depth Psychologist.  

Professional associations 

As an Analytical Therapist I am registered with the professional association JVATN (reg. No. 07091). As a Hypnotherapist I am affiliated with the professional association NBVH (reg no. 11013). I am also a member of the RBCZ (regnr. 403168R). At Vektis I am registered with AGB code 90-036747 and the code for practice is 90-015442. At the JVATN I was chairman of the In- and Refresher Training Committee. Finally, I am affiliated with SCAG, the specialized dispute resolution body for complementary and alternative healthcare.  

Work experiences 

From 2008 I mainly focus on providing psychotherapy, hypnotherapy and coaching to individuals in the health center of Hillegom.  Characteristics for my style of work are:  

  1. personal depth
  2. security and trust
  3. analytical and clear 
  4. enter into "the conversation" 
  5. warm and involved 
  6. open and transparent 

Before that, I worked at various organizational consultancies. In addition to advice and interim management, I have also led a number of large companies. I have set up business units, implemented reorganisations, change processes and projects. During my university education in Public Administration with business administration education, changes in organizations were discussed. In practice it works differently than in theory. People are not models. Statistics also often do not describe what is going on. This was the reason for me to start my own firm in 2001 and to study Analytical Psychotherapy.  

Then I started to focus on organizations that intrinsically want change. I base change on the strength of the own organization and the people inside. Often something has happened, which causes the natural strengh not to be used anymore. My commitment is to tackle the obstacles together with the customer. I act as a kind of catalyst, sometimes also as a lightning rod. I do this as a process supervisor, coach, advisor or interim manager.  

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Account number 

Chamber of Commerce (KvK)

KvK 28095825 

Dutch Professional Association of Hypnotherapists (NBVH)  

regnr. 11013 

Jungian Association of Analytical Therapists (JVATN)

regnr. 07091 

Register of Professionals Complementary Care (RBCZ)

reg. 403168R 

AGB code of practice


AGB care code



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